Introduction and behavior of Himalayan Guinea pigs

The Himalayan guinea pig is one of the pig breeds in the Guinea pig breeds. This breed is one of the most interesting among all the Guinea pig breeds. This breed of pigs originated from South America. It is sometimes referred to as the Siamese cat of guinea pigs. Just like most other guinea pig breeds, the Himalayan was brought to Europe more than a hundred years ago. The Himalayan guinea pig is a short, pointed pig with a white thick body with darker highlights on the ear, nose, and feet. These dark highlights are usually black or brown. The foot pads and toes are also dark. The eyes of a Himalayan Guinea pig are pink and bold. Their color and appearance is what makes the Himalayan guinea pig so unique. Sometimes people refer to this breed as the albino breed of animal. This pig is born purely white in color and the spots develop at a later age. Interestingly, the spots at the Himalayan guinea pig ears to match with the one at the feet regarding the color. To reach its final coloring, the Himalayan pig can take up to a maximum of three months. The colors are closely related to the environment the pig is living in. The owners of the pigs need to regularly and closely observe the pig in order to note the color changes in the pig. The Himalayan guinea pig color fades when the pig is sick, stressed or when overly exposed to sunlight. The pigs do well living in cooler conditions. At their tender age, these pigs make very good pets. The Himalayan guinea pig is a stout animal with a great temperament and very friendly to human beings. A study shows that these pigs love and enjoy spending time with human beings. They are very sociable. These pigs are very gentle and it is very unlikely for them to hurt a human or other pigs.  This pig loves the company of other pigs from any breed in the guinea pigs breed. Just like most other animals, Himalayan guinea pig behaves in accordance with the number of pigs and gender living in the same cage. These pigs interestingly try to communicate to each other and also to human beings via certain sounds they make. Some of these sounds signify that they are hungry, frightened, lonely or mating aggression. All these conditions are represented by different types of sounds. A Himalayan guinea pig gives birth to six or seven piglets, but this is not a limited number. It could be lower or slightly higher. During the pregnancy period, the Himalayan guinea pig tends to develop some critical conditions and it is recommended that great care is taken from them. Averagely  these pigs live for a period of five to seven years if good care is taken from them, they can live up to ten years.


Review Of The VitaClay VM7900 Smart Programmable Multi-Cooker

If you are looking for a good multi-cooker, then you should consider buying the VitaClay VM7900 Smart Programmable Multi-Cooker. Continue to read this review about this product to find out what its features are, as well as if it is worth buying.

The Construction
The VitaClay VM7900 is built to last, and this is due to the construction quality of it. If you need a cooker that is durable and will last you a longtime, then look no further than this product.

The Cooking Bowl Is Made Of Clay
The cooking bowl is made of clay, which is a good thing because it will naturally enhance the flavor of whatever it is you cook in it. This also means you don’t need to add any extra salt, oils or even sugar. It will also absorb the heat and will cook food slowly, which will result in food that tastes extremely good.
A Double Lid Design
It’s worth mentioning that this cooker has a double lid design. This is good news for you because it results in food retaining more nutrients and it will be cooked in half the time it would normally take you to cook it.

Delayed Timer
This product is even equipped with a delayed timer. This is useful because it allows you to start cooking at any given time. Just prepare what you want to cook, and then set the timer and the cooker will start up when the timer goes off.

It Is Multi-Functional
The VitaClay VM7900 is multi-functional, as it has 7 function settings. These settings include soup, brown and white rice, as well as stew, reheat and even yogurt. All you need to do is choose the setting and the machine will be ready to start cooking.

Who Should Buy This Cooker
There are many types of people who will find the VitaClay VM7900 useful. If you are a parent or a business professional that is always on the go and always doing something, then you will love the VM7900. Maybe you are a vegan or vegetarian, or you just like to cook foods that are gluten free; If you are, then you too will find this cooker to be very useful. You might just want to eat healthy and delicious food, and if that sounds like you, then the VM7900 is for you.

When you own the VM7900, then you will be able to cook meals that taste great in a short amount of time. Best of all, there are many different slow cooker and rice cooker recipes out there, so you will always come up with something to cook in the VM7900.

Final Verdict
Many people have purchased the VM7900, and there are a lot of rave reviews about it. This is for a good reason, as it is a quality multi-cooker that can save you time in the kitchen, help you cook meals that taste great and that are healthy. Also, let’s not forget to mention that this cooker may sound like it costs a lot of money, but it is sold at a very fair price. Get yours today and find out for yourself why it is a great product.